Live streaming services for General Meeting

View From anywhere in the world

Broadcast from remote locations and all round Australia

Addition Options

   Multiple cameras

   Slide Show next to live video

   Different Quality options

   Password protect



For your next general meeting take advantage of our live web streaming services we are able to be broadcast from very remote locations, any were we mobile reception. With InterStream latest technology, live video streaming / webcast can deliver high quietly video. With streaming live video on the internet, itís like having your own TV channel. Or if you want to have a private event it can be easily controlled with password protect and specific location control. For example if you only want Australia to view the live stream and no other country, this can be arranged. The advantages of doing a webcast of your AGM (public company or body corporate) it opens the door for people who canít make it because of time constraints at work, interstate or even overseas. For more information click here.